Quadracopters are used a lot of different working areas for variety of different tasks. Sometimes defined tasks and systems are not enough to realize your own projects/task. So you should develop this system own by own. This writing explains a connection between computer to Phantom via RF(Futaba)

Phantom is a great quadrocopter, it has stabilization system and can use easily. However Phantom has a special remote controller which is produced by DJI. This remote controller has very limited features. I buy an Futaba 6JT remote controller which include R2006GS receiver. I try to connect this Receiver instead classic receiver of phantom. First of all, R2006GS is not compatible SBUS. Therefore it can’t be connect one cable like classic receiver. Instead of this, it should be connected with 5 different cable from R2006GS to Phantom’s Naza.  There is no manual information about which R2006GS’s port should connect to Naza. I look at some videos about Naza – Spektrum and tried on the phantom with Naza-M Assistant Software and found necessary ports.

DSC00502There is a list: Channel 1: A Channel 2:Elevator Channel 3:  T Channel 4: Yow Channel  7: Flight Settings

Actually I wrote an article for an academic conference in Turkey. My article is Turkish but include a lot of diagrams and detailed information about this subject. It can be founded this link and I can help you if you need a information in this article whatever Turkish or English. ( I  will prepare a English article about this subject)


After connecting these ports, Futaba’s flight mode button should be turn left side because Futaba only supports normal flight mode (other flight modes are like home-safe mode). (at the other mods, phantom cant connect futaba so orange light burning) Maybe there is a way to use other mods but I didn’t try to use and solve these problems. As a result, Futaba T6J connected to DJI Phantom and it works.

  With PCTx

Computer have a lot of different connection skills and very advanced computing features. Therefore to create a connection between computer and quadrocopter is a very useful and good idea.  PCTx is a device that connect with USB to Computer and connect to Trasmitter (In thıs case Futaba 6J Input ports) PCTx takes digital values for all ports and convert to PVM signal. (How it change and what is the formula for this conversion is a article topic. I will publish the article in a few months and will update this subject with link)

PCTx has a lot of example for a lot of different programming languages(link) I use C# example and it works.

I developed this example and added some features which are automatic landing, turn right, go ahead and like these. I do not change any fundamental code in program only developed the program that change value of ports. If necessary, send email I can share program to you.

Finally I take video to show using pc to manage quadrocopter. Actually language of video is turkish, I add music on video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0kY3R3K6Mk) ( and also in this video, I control quadrocopter with voice) I hope this writing is useful for you. PS: This writing based on Phantom 1 and Windows 7 64bit  Thank You: I worked with Levent Özparlak for all these things. If he did not help me, I can’t complate this work.