In this acticle, Searching What are the Benefits of Watching Technical Documentaries for Developing English Level

In these days, our state education system in Turkey supports translating skill in English lesson at university. When student can make translate word by word, the student would be a successful in this undergraduate life. However, English consists of four main skills: Listening, reading, writing and speaking. People who want to learn English, have to have both of them and can use almost perfectly them in academic life or daily life. Unfortunately our educational system does not approve this style. As a result of these, I support one activity to increase your English listening level.

Documentary is very convenient source for compiled information about certain subject. Person who watch documentary, can see history of the subject and learn some future estimations. Therefore, generally s/he can learn very realistic and health information. In this article, benefits of watching documentary to increase English level are explained with 2 main reasons. One of the reasons is to increase general listening level and another reason is learning technical words and more information about this technical subject.

Listening is a very important skill from the point of communication which are face to face or voice. Watching documentary as a listening music or some educational activities, develop personal listening skill. Documentaries are prepared with some academic or technical reports; people talk and make presentations which spend a lot of time to prepare. Therefore they have both correct grammar and very good talking sample for English. For this reason, people who watch documentary, face to very good English activity then watching news or listening a daily conversation. In addition to this, documentaries have a plan. For example, firstly they give an idea and then they start to explain these ideas so audiences more easily understand content. Furthermore, a documentary (approximately one hour length) talks about same subject. For this reason, people can make inference for unknown words in a same subject. As a result of these, watching documentary is more efficient activity to develop English listening level than listening song or make some educational activity.

On the other hand, listening skill is closely relation with words information. Understanding a sentence, people must know meaning of important key words of sentence. Business life includes a lot of technical words. When attending conference or lecture, lecturer use these technical words. Unfortunately any education system including ours, do not give these words to student. Therefore, s/he has to learn these words with reading technical article. However reading is not very effective way to increase understanding skill of the technical words in listening.  Except for making listening activity with lecture, there is only one way to develop listening skill especially is about technical subject, is to watch documentary. When people watch documentary, they learn words and their meaning in content. Consequently learned words are more permanent because of learning with content and increase word memory. As a result of these, watching documentary both increase word memory level and listening skill.

In conclusion, watching documentary is very effective learning technique for technical words and technical information. People can learn a lot of technical words and can improve own English listening level by means of this activity. In addition to this, both listening and reading that is general English level is improved.

In addition this article, there are some examples about technical documentary which is about computer science, with their explanation. These videos are very efficient for computer or software engineering, Computer Education and Instructional Technology members and people who interesting in computer.


1) Faulty Lines – Cyberwar

This episode is from Faulty Lines from Aljazeera English TV Channel. I know this channel from my English learning training course. I made listening activities with some episode of programs or news in this channel. It has very quality program in their interesting area. I strongly recommend this TV channel for more documentaries.

This Episode includes cyber war which is between national security and hackers. This documentary starts with attack to Google from China and it continues responsibilities of nations about this war. This episode probably was published in 2010 however I cannot find precise date of publication. You can watch this episode from here in 720p-480p-standart video quality

2) Revolution OS

This Documentary was published in 2001 and explains first attempt of the Open source Operation System that is Linux and compare it with Microsoft Windows. Further, it includes Revolution and developing stage of a Operating System and Open Source GNU License. Every computer-software engineer should watch it one time in their life.

3) Google ME

It all started when I Googled my name” said Killeen of his movie. And who in today’s day and age hasn’t engaged in just such an activity in a moment of idle “webbing. (IMDB)

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