This article is about Goiânia nuclear accident in Brazil.  Special thanks for anglachel.

Goiânia accident


Goiânia is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian State of Goias located at the southern part of the middle of Brazilian. However world is know it as a nuclear accident which resulting in four died and a lot of bad effect which are already continue now.

Normally, nuclear accident is performed in a natural disaster (as March 2011 earthquake in Japan) or a technical problem (as Chernobyl in 1986). However, this accident was occurred because of negligent and carelessness by public people, and one of the most tragic accidents in the last century.

How did this accident occur?

In 1987 when a hospital move, hospital management forget a metallic apparatus which include cesium chloride in radiology department. This metallic apparatus’s size is a billiard ball and it consists of passed into each other lead and steel. It provides absorption of beta particles but allow passing gamma-ray in every 5-6 second with the iridium window. This cesium’s which is very dangerous for human life, half-life is 30 years and it 456 rad emit radiation to 1 meter in 1 hours.

Two mount later, homeless people stay there and before the collapse building scrap dealers received remained devices which include a telepathy device containing this radioactive metallic apparatus and moved home via wheelbarrow.

After then, two scrap dealers who are received this device, look in the iridium window and see a dull blue light and try to break it but they failed.  Then they were nausea in a lot of days but they did not thing is reason of it is this small metallic ball. Finally, one of them broke and uncovered some of radioactive powder. It looks like gunpowder and they tried to burn it, however they failed. Actually they were burning from the inside unnoticed…

Five days later, these scrap dealers sold this material with all scraps to a junkyard owner Devair Ferreira.  These men found interest this metallic ball and showed almost all friends.  All friend of Devair looked this light with this iridium window.  Then he broke this ball in the home.  When this crushing process this powder spill carpet which Ivo, Devair’s nephew, play on the it and she exposed radiation strength of 1.0 giga becquerel. This means intense radiation poisoning.  Ivo find interesting this powder and shed and spread it on own arm together with her mother and father who are to shape cross with this powder on the Ivo’s arm. As a result, there is nobody to try to die in family in unconsciously.

Since 28 September, this ball was stay at home. After then Devair’s wife noticed everybody in around have nausea and diarrhea and suspects this ball. Then she collects all powder with plastic broom in a transparent plastic and took away to hospital. When was going to hospital, she used a public bus and exposed people in bus near the 1-6 meters from herself.  This plastic broom reduced effect of radioactive material however a old men was exposed from 2,7 meter and occurred severe burns on his leg.

In Hospital

Dr Paulo Roberto Monteiro estimated event correctly. However he is not authority on radiology so he kept this powder in hospital garden on the chair due to stay away from anyone. After the detailed investigation %90 of this gamma radiation was extinct when the keep in garden and radiation level of hospital were low so rid a lot of human life.


Result of these accident , four people died, two hounded forty nine people were exposed radiation positing, cancer rate was increased hundreds of times, neighborhood evacuated, forty home was destroyed due to hospital management, two junkman and a family man themselves. National atomic energy agency scanning in very wide area and carry 30 inches upper soil layer with decontaminate.

Main reason of this accident is neglect and bigger neglect then Chernobyl. Effects of this neglect increase exponentially.

Surgeon General of hospital was sentenced to 17 years, and hospital had dependents all radiation case in Goiania with 1.3 million cash dollar.

Even in 2008, radiation is up the several times of normal and detailed show result of 10 gr cesium.


Ivo: Devair’s nephew was exposed largely radiation. NAEA build special team to interesting in small kid because transformers very bad image and nurses do not enter she’s room because of afraid from him. One mount later she die in 23 Octobar 1987.

Gabriela: Devair’s wife, She save a lot of life because of discern this powder and go to hospital. However due to open contact with radiation material, she died after the die of his daughter.

Israel Baptista dos Santos : Devair’s headworker,  When break ball in lathe, estimated that breathe some powder.

Admilson alves de Souza : Devair’s apprentice, he died becaue of lungs heart tissue damage in 18 October.

However, Devair survive despide take 700 rem radiation. Cause of this survive, he was exposed specific part of their body, and other part of body is enough to survive. Devair is died because of alcoholic liver cirrhosis in 1994.