I am not a psychologist or sociologist to understand and make comment about this subject. I am only part of humanity and make observation about my life and events interesting in my life. It is not an academic essay, it is only blog written. Today’s topic is why people watch or feel forced to watch TV?

                Nowadays, television watching time is dramatically increasing. In US average time spent watching television is over 5 hours per day1. It’s very amazing and too time watch TV for a normal people. In my country (Turkey) spending time of TV watching is not positive with approximately 4.5 hours per day.  Everything which is broadcasted on TV, is can find via internet or other media type.

                 Internet connection and communication is very popular and everywhere in our life. Especially teenagers can use internet efficiently and easily find movies or episodes of series.  Actually, almost all TV series which old or new episodes, can be watched via Internet legally or illegally. In addition to this, almost all tv channels have live broadcast via the Internet. Although all of these, why do people watch tv and spend time to these program and advertising.

In my opinion, habit is not individual reason.  Lifestyle is the biggest cause for this result. A lot of people who are student or worker,  go to work or collage and tire in the way of physiological and psychological.  After came back home, most part of these people don’t know any time spending method except for watching  TV. To my way of thinking low, poor quality and old fashion education system is causing this result.

Our education system including college and university, don’t encourage to people to manage time. There are a lot of rules and behaviors which assertive people about how should to do a job/homework and how should use time for this job. Every people have different ideas, personality, time management and working style.  We take a lot of suggests and ways doing business from the outset of our education. These approaches are correct. However this idea which there is different ways to doing a job event if funny, being missed. Educational System have to teach ways of doing and developing ways of ideas. On the other hand, people can select own way and develop new ideas for solutions of problems.

I believe that people who is free and do not have  any rules, has most effective performance to solve problems or doing jobs. People can create own way and make more successful own business. Therefore they do not escape from job / business areas to home and take cover with TV to unhappiness of jobs.

I want to say, people should be free to doing job style, time management, dressed or working styles as well as selecting job. If this free and happy business environment is occurs, people spend time more effectively with useful areas which are vocational or cultural.

What do you think about this subject?


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