I decided to write at last one post in my blog in english weekly. At the beginning, I thought to create a new blog  for these english posts however this would be lead confusions so I gave up this idea.

Why did I give this decision?

Everyone agrees that to don’t forget English, should use it. In most part of our normal life time, we need and use reading skill for searching something via the Internet. However we don’t use our academic or organized writing skills.

Today’s almost all academic or technical articles and sources are English for our profession areas (Computer-Software Engineering). I want to tell about a memory. When Ibrahim Demir (in that time he worked for IBM as a Technical Consultant and now he works for Oracle as a Senior Sales Manager-October 2012) came and gave conference to us, he told a lot of technology about JAVA and IBM’s solution then he suddenly stopped and say “If you do not know English, forget everything about these (technical subject) and learn English. I pay attention to this opinion. I strongly believe that this opinion absolutely real and correct.

My imagine is to talk and write English as well as Daron Yöndem like this video. Apart from these, I regularly recommend to read a English article from DevelopWorks , MSDN , Google Scholar or any RSS Feed. You can ask anything from these advised video or writing to me.

Therefore I try to write a English post at once a week. You can access via this blog and I list in the following this post.

I hope you curiously read my English posts as well as other posts. In addition to this, I hope you will write English post like me to develop your English if you are a non-native English speaker person.

English Posts Lists (by the topical)