This writing is prepared for talking when recording by video. However due to some problems I could not record, so I share..

Hi I am Ahmet Müngen, I am a sophomore on the Computer Engiinering at Fırat University and Microsoft student partner of this university. I try to explain how the MSP video recording and what is the important key of the record MSP videos to apply MSP.

I separate 3 different parts in my presentation.  Let’s Get Started,

First is “before recording” part.

In this part I will mention video quality, clothing and place.

First of all, you should use semi-professional video machines rather than basic webcam or mobile phone camera because jury have to understand your voice and vision so quality both subconscious and physically very important. Second;  clothing. It is not a job interview but to wear suit or like this leave good opinion. And Last, in my opinion most important things in this part. You can record  your video at home or anything. But if you will be a MSP, you must organize some activities and you can’t organize at home. Therefore, record in conference room, auditorium or computer lab is extremely impressive.

Second Part; in this part I talk about information in videos. At the head of the video you should give some personal information like name-school- if  you have a success about academic or have hobies, you can mention them. And İf you have a administrative duties of a Social or professional club in your university or community, this is very important information for jury. Then, you answer these question. What is the connection you with Microsoft products except for products which is in standard part of your education, Do you attend any organization which organized from Microsoft in local or globally (even on the Internet). Last but most important part; if you will be a MSP, What will you do?

I give some examples; I will organize some organizations about Microsoft technologies and invite MVPs. Or I will organize my friends to attend ImagineCup.  And, Don’t forget say thanks message at the end of the video. Now we watch if I will be a MSP part of my MSP video.

Now Third Part, I mean edit video part.

When prepare videos, a very short visual introduction about Microsoft is probably good. If some personal or other information is important than others, you should write this information on the screen. You can add your videos some photos about your past activities. And last; to write your name on screen along full of video, it’s very useful because when select names by jury, your names is familiar to them.

That is all, Thanks for watching, you can communicate with me by mail – or my blog.

Good Luck 🙂